curriculum vitae

I'm a creative strategist by profession and a jack of all trades by spirit. There's a fevorish curiosity that guides me.

I care about the symbiotic worlds of alternative subcultures and their impact on society at large.

My projects are based around innovation research, strategic thinking, psychographic marketing, cultural analysis, and curatorial prowess.

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Creative Strategist | New Mexico Dpt. of Game and Fish

I currently reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico and am passionate about outdoor access.

An ongoing partnership with the NMDGAF Information and Education division and media & communications experts Stepchild tasks me to think strategically across the entire marketing funnel.


Concept Design & Co-Editor | Tomorrow Times

Tomorrow Times is a cultural artifact produced by M-RG and Cave Studio about an edited reality that blends worlds of absurdity and active imagination.

Inspired by T.S. Eliot's Burnt Notion - the medium of a newspaper, reflecting upon contemporary topics, for a speculative future.

The paper is imbued with takeways targeting those who are jaded by the present whilst creating the future.

Check out our feature on NTS


Milieu Research Group (M-RG)

M-RG is a research conglomerate connecting the nodes of culture and their contextual DNA.

Society is content rich, but context poor. As the attention economy gets more competitive, big data takes hold and becomes the backbone of most business strategies. Underutilized are the qualitative research methodologies uniquely inclined to illuminate the intersectional value drivers of culture.

With 2+ years spent as cultural researchers and creative strategists, we've culminated thinking on subjects like:

* Lifestyle Product Innovation

* Outdoor Product Creation

* Sports Fandom for Generations Z & A

* Influencer Marketing


2018 - 2022

Global Energy Marketing | Nike


Basketball/Sportswear Brand Intern | Nike Emerging Markets

2013 - 2016

B.S.B.A of Business - Marketing and Entrepreneurship | Creighton University